Doctor Introduction

Dr. Guo, American medical doctor, Dr. Tianhai Guo MD, completed physician training at Cornell University in New York. He is a licensed doctor in the United States. He has 10 years of experience in medical cosmetology and clinical work in American hospitals. He has won the top physician award in the United States. He is a recommended injecter of meat poison Botox of Allegan company in the United States. He is also a recommended partner of world-class medical instruments such as Lumenis, Allergan and candela. He has profound attainments in micro plastic surgery, medical cosmetology and laser cosmetology. Dr. Guo is rigorous, has unique aesthetic standards for Asian women, and gives each guest the most suitable medical and aesthetic suggestions. Dr. Guo takes his profession as his lifelong pursuit, and constantly requires himself to learn, innovate and make breakthroughs in medical beauty.

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Tung Tong Avatar
Tung Tong

做过水光针,效果很好,中间我有咨询过他们的热玛吉, 他们也会特真诚地说热玛吉并不是最适合我皮肤状况的项目,完全不会为了推销而推销。这一点非常感动。

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Mara Qing Avatar
Mara Qing

完全就是我预期中的样子~ 感觉医生很懂我的需求和审美,做水光针之前会认真跟我沟通,期间也非常温柔不是草草了事那种~ 特别棒~

Zhanna Romanova Avatar
Zhanna Romanova